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Knife Sharpening Machines

Machine Bed

Welded, modular construction principle. Smooth inner area for good cooling water drainage and easy cleaning.


Hardened and ground steel bands for main and side guides, easily exchangeable.

Machine Table (Clamping Type)

Cast Iron table with 'T' slots & Clamps.

Cast iron swiveling table for bevel grinding in one setting up operation, swivelling 360, multiple bearing points with large diameter journals for maximum rigidity Additional clamping sides with 'T' slots & clamps.

Mechanically Table locking, by hand.

Grinding Head Carriage

Heavy casting mounting on four reels with eight New-Departure dust proof ball bearings which act as rollers. Four reels guide the carriage in the carriage ways of the bed. The sliding base, mounted on the top of the carriage, is adjustable to feed the griding segmental or cup-wheel to the knife. The motor base can be swivelled 10 to 25 degrees, so that the knife can be ground either straight or concave as paper knives require only 5 degrees swivel of motor base.

Down-Feed for Grinding Tool

Multiple spindle system for play and weight equalisation. Automatic Down-Feed also available (Optional).

Grinding Motors


Grinding Head

Cylindrical type bonded to flange for light grinders, segmental heads for heavy grinding machines.

For quick re-setting or changing of the segments, an easily accessible changing station is situated at the rear of the machine.

To ensure vibration – free running, all grinding wheel flanges and segmental heads are fitted with adjustable balancing weights. For obtaining maximum segment use, patented segment savers can be used.

Cooling System

Water tank attached with the machine. Cooling fluid application by the electro-coolant pump.

Electrical Unit

All electrical controls are housed in the master panel board.

Technical Data of PM / Export Models

Models Grinding Width Grinding Length Capacity Width of Machine Table Grinding Motors (H.P.)
PM/60 Export 6" 1550 mm 8" 5 H.P.
½ H.P.
PM/72 Export 6" 1850 mm 8" 5 H.P.
½ H.P.
PM/84 Export 6" 2150 mm 8" 7.5 H.P.
½ H.P.
PM/110 Export 6" 2800 mm 8" 7.5 H.P.
1 H.P.
PM/120 Export 6" 3100 mm 8" 7.5 H.P.
1 H.P.
PM/144 Export 6" 3700 mm 8" 10 H.P.
2 H.P.
PM/156 Export 6" 4000 mm 8" 15 H.P.
2 H.P.
PM/180 Export 6" 4600 mm 8" 15 H.P.
2 H.P.

Comparison Graph showing quality of knife grinding machines