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Paper Bag Making Machines

Modern Paper Bag Making Machines for manufacture of Flat and Satchel Paper Bags from kraft paper, vegetable parchment, poster, glassine and other papers of similar nature. These automatic paper bag making machines have been designed incorporating latest improvements and are available for manufacture of different ranges of paper bags for packing of foodstuffs, confectionery, readymade garments, tobacco and snuff, ice cream and many other items.

These paper bag making machines are of excellent construction, all parts arranged in a most accessible way, making operation and adjustments simple and easy. These automatic paper bag machines work on the beater principle i.e. the tubed web is separated into the required tube length by a rotary beater against a serrated plate. These paper bag making machines are also supplied with flexographic printing (aniline printing) attachment for the production of the printed bags in huge quantities.

These paper bag making machines consist of the following units:

Technical Features

Optional Equipment at Extra Cost

Counting Unit can be provided to count the number of bags made.

Two colour Flexographic (Aniline) Printing Attachment, printing by rubber stereos, rubber stereos to be affixed by rubber pasting solution or by double adhesive tape. Printing attachment is supplied with on size of printing cylinder.

Printing attachment also can be supplied with lengthways slitting device with three slitting knives.

Adjustment of sizes of Bags

Adjustment of sizes of Bags is affected in width by only changing the flat bag plate or satchel bag plate. The required length of tube is obtained by interchanging gear wheels on which one tooth represents one centimeter in length. The length of tube is equivalent to the length of bag plus 2 to 3 cm. for the bottom fold.

Width of Paper Reel

Width of paper reel be fed, is according to the width of the bag, and is obtained as under:

Flat Bags : Twice the bag width plus 2-3 cm. for the length seam.

Satchel Bags : Twice the bag width plus four time the depth of gusset, plus 2-3 cm. for the length seam.The length of bag or tube does not influence the width of reel


Model Range of Bags in cm Max. output per minute Max. Reel Width cm. Max. Reel dia. cm. Core dia. dia. cm.
Deluxe Flat Satchel Minimum 10 x 18 10 x 18 Maximum 42 x 60 cm 36 x 50 cm 70-125 95 68.5 7-7.6
Medium Flat Satchel 5 x 18 7.5 z 18 28 x 50 cm 20 x 42 cm 70-150 58 68.5 -do-
Standard Flat Satchel 5 x 10 7.5 x 14 26 x 36 cm 18 x 27 cm 120-180 55 68.5 -do-
Baby Flat Satchel 5 x 10 6.5 x 12 15 x 22 cm 10 x 16 cm 100-150 55 60 -do-
Model Motor Required Floor Space Required
  with printing H. P. without printing H. P. Nett weight Approx. Kgs. Without printing length cm. x width cm. with printing length cm. x width cm
Deluxe 3 2 2500 427 x 244 579 x 244
Medium 3 2 2000 366 x 183 471 x 183
Standard 3 2 1500 366 x 183 471 x 183
Baby 3 2 800 305 x 152 427 x 152